At K.D.Association PVT. Ltd.(KDAPL), we have designed an organizational structure that allows us to work on a variety of projects without compromising our ability to provide each of our clients with great service. Each of our divisions is managed by a Senior Licensed Professional Engineer or Registered Professional Land Surveyor and is staffed with teams of dedicated industry professionals. This structure enables staff members to provide superior service as experts in particular markets, while creating a diversified and robust body of work that encourages corporate collaboration, creativity, and learning.

  • Civil Engineering

    KDAPL recognizes that civil engineering plays an essential role in all aspects of day-to-day life. Our civil engineers provide innovative, sustainable, and comprehensive solutions to challenges that affect the environment and the infrastructure that supports us. KDAPL has extensive experience in water, wastewater, storm water, paving, drainage, traffic and transportation engineering, surveying and mapping, as well as construction management and inspection for infrastructure projects throughout Nepal.

  • Surveying & Mapping

    KDAPL has a team of Registered Professional Land Surveyors directing survey crews complete with modern field equipment in Texas. These crews are routinely dispatched across the State of Texas providing Surveying services which include topography, boundary, Oil and Gas related surveys, ALTA/ACSM, Right of Way and easement surveys, as-built surveys and construction staking.

    Our state-of-the art surveying instruments, electronic data collectors, GPS capability, and computer systems allow us to provide quality services for our clients with superior results – cost savings, efficiency and reliability. KDAPL understands the connection between surveying and engineering to provide precise and reliable data.

    KDAPL performs surveys for design of commercial sites and agency infrastructure to include building sites, waterlines, storm sewers, sanitary sewers, utility design, parking lots, contour maps and easement acquisition.

  • Construction Management

    KDAPL offers a complete package of construction related service for completing projects on time by monitoring contractors’ milestones, manpower and construction schedules. KDAPL assists clients with a wide range of construction-related services including construction administration, inspection, and as-built drawings.KDAPL has extensive experience with submittal review and approvals, inspection services, material testing coordination, status reports, change order documentation, invoice control, QA/QC programs, obtaining bids from qualified contractors, tabulating bids, making recommendations for award of contracts, preparing contracts and processing contractor’s requests for payment.

  • Transportation Engineering

    KDAPL’s professional engineers are well versed in the design and management of transportation projects. Elements of roadway and transportation projects involve evaluation of roadway infrastructure to determine traffic flow, topographic survey, right-of-way, roadway and drainage design, signing and pavement marking, signalization, utility relocation, intersection design and improvements, and safety upgrades.KDAPL’s integrated approach to transportation projects provides our clients with the assurance that KDAPL will deliver great client service and innovative solutions that will promote continued and future growth within the community